O.B. Project

Teacher's Name:

Ms. Manal Emam

Student's Name:


Al Harth

Mohammed Al Hajji




Here we will be showing a brief summary of what we have learnt, and the activities that we managed inside, and outside the class, and how to apply them.

These activities will reflect our experience throughout the course, and in our lives.

This site will contain the activities that we have taken in words, images and videos.

Intro to Organizationl Behavior


This project will consists of three topics, and they are as follow:

1- Models of Organizational Behavior:
In this topic we will be talking about the Fives models, and then we will show you a video comparison between Autocratic and Systematic models.

2- Motivation
In this topic we will be talking about motivational drives, making a brief description of the three drives and comparing between them.

3- Conflict, Power and Organizational Behavior Politics:
A small introduction followed by more explanation about conflict.

Site Contents

Models of Organizational Behavior


Conflict, Power and Organizational Behavior Politics